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Wildife and Bird Watching in Cornwall

Cornwall, including the Scilly Isles, is one of the finest counties for wildlife watching in the UK. A top spot for migrant and unusual birds such as the Balearic Shearwater and Choughs, it is also one of the best for marine wildlife too.

Basking sharks are inrceasingly common, especially between May and October, and bottlenose and Risso's dolphins are often seen, as well as a few Minke whales. Cornwall has more strandings than any other county, and is also prone to 'exotic' finds that have blown across the Atlantic.


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Basking shark sighting and a code of conduct

With the recent surge in basking shark sightings off the UK coast, especially Cornwall and the Isle of Man, the Marine Conservation Society has devised a code of conduct as to how to behave when near the sharks, whether in a boat or swimming (not advised). More.

Seashore safaris

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The Book of Shells

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Great British Marine Animals - 3rd Edition

Many people think of the waters around Great Britain as cold, grey and fairly lifeless. This book will put you right (though noone can argue about the water temperature).
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