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Wildlife and bird watching in East Anglia

A pair of cranes have nested at RSPB Lakenheath Fen, the first time for 400 years that cranes have nested in the Fens. Although a very small number have been nesting in the Norfolk Broads for a few years, they weren't expected to spread out from that location.

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Horsey Estate News

Latest News, January 2007

National Trust Warden Steve Prowse counted 13,500 pink-footed geese on a dawn count on 22 January, on this wonderful Trust grazing marsh site in the eastern Broads. There were also 400 white-fronted geese and eight Whooper swans.

The winter count is now up to ten different species of raptor including red kite, rough-legged buzzard, hen harrier, marsh harrier.

Rare water beetle
Not of the same size, but of similar significance, was the discovery of the exceptionally rare water beetle (Agabus labiatus) in a newly cleared pond on the property last summer.

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Seashore safaris

Best activity book of the year 
Summer is here, we have warm weather, and the beach is beckoning. A swim, build a couple of sandcastles, a bit of beach cricket, but what to do next?

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