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Wildlife and bird watching in Herefordshire

Titley Pools. © 2006 Wildlife Extra.
Herefordshire is a large and under populated county with many wilder parts. Surprisingly Herefordshire is one of the few counties without an RSPB reserve, but there are still many great opportunities for wildlife watching. Bodenham Lake is the largest water body in the county, and the adjoining Queenswood Country Park provides extensive woodland walks. Haugh Woods is a well known butterfly haven (rated as one of the ten best in the UK), and there is increasing evidence that wild boar can be found in the woods of South Herefordshire. Deer are present in very large numbers in many of the woodlands.

The River Wye provides many beautiful vistas, and the hills and heathland provide a wide variety of habitats.
The Herefordshire Ornithological Society have some good information, see www.herefordshirebirds.org.

These maps are intended as a guideline only; you must check the exact location of the reserve yourself. Wildlife Extra assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or usefulness of the information on this website.


Why is Herefordshire ignored by national conservation bodies? RSPB, we need you.

There are no RSPB reserves, no WWT reserves, and no National Parks. To my surprise, I have discovered that there are 3 National Nature Reserves in Herefordshire, covering just 200 hectares between them, but 2 of them are permanently closed to the public.

Why is Herefordshire ignored by national conservation bodies? RSPB, we need you. 


Garden wildlife photos

Having taken 2-3 photos, I walked back towards the office, but just before I reached the door, I notice something buzzing around in front of the flowers. The buzz was actually the hum of the very distinctive Hummingbird Hawkmoth, the first we have seen here. 

A top 10 minutes.