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The wildlife of Scotland and where to see it.

White 'leucistic' Red deer stag seen in Scotland. Details.

There are many spectacular sights and opportunities in Scotland for wildlife watching. The Golden eagles at Ardnamurchan and Loch Shiel, Sea eagles on Mull, ospreys at Loch of the Loewes and Boat of Garten, the vast sea bird colonies of the coasts and islands, the whales and dolphins of the Western Isles and the Cromarty Firth, the Red deer, the forests and many of the UK's finest and rarest birds.

County by county

old_images/b/beaver-swt1 Scottish beaver trial – Beaver disappears after shots heard
After the first week, one adult female disappeared; the time of her disappearance coincided with unauthorized shooting heard in the same area. There has been no sign of the animal since and the matter has been reported to the local police for further investigation.
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Water vole research at Loch Leven

Extensive research at Loch Leven has shown how otters are good for water voles.

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Great British Marine Animals - 3rd Edition

Many people think of the waters around Great Britain as cold, grey and fairly lifeless. This book will put you right (though noone can argue about the water temperature).
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The Breeding Birds of North-East Scotland

If you live in the North East of Scotland, and you like your birds, you probably already have this book. If not, you should get it. 
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