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Wildlife and bird watching in the South West of England

County by county

Basking shark sighting and a code of conduct

With the recent surge in basking shark sightings off the UK coast, especially Cornwall and the Isle of Man, the Marine Conservation Society has devised a code of conduct as to how to behave when near the sharks, whether in a boat or swimming (not advised). More.

Lyme Bay Reefs devastated by fishing.

Lyme Bay Reefs devastated by fishing.
Devon Wildlife Trust has collected evidence that the Reefs in Lyme Bay have been trashed by some fishing techniques. To see the full story, and to see a video of the destruction, Click here.

Seashore safaris

Best activity book of the year 
Summer is here, we have warm weather, and the beach is beckoning. A swim, build a couple of sandcastles, a bit of beach cricket, but what to do next?

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Large blue butterfly ‘open day’

On Sunday 20 June staff and volunteers will be showing visitors round taking them to the best places to see these little blue beauties during their short life.

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Where to watch birds in Dorset, Hampshire & the Isle of Wight. 4th Edition

This is an updated guide to the best birding spots in the area
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Urban foxes in Bristol

I have been photographing urban foxes in Bristol for over 6 months now; what started off as a chance encounter has become an obsession for me and has changed my feelings and attitudes towards urban foxes forever.

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Great British Marine Animals - 3rd Edition

Many people think of the waters around Great Britain as cold, grey and fairly lifeless. This book will put you right (though noone can argue about the water temperature).
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Somerset's Coast

Nigel Phillips must have spent a long time on the coast of Somerset, and a long time studying wildlife, as this is a very detailed book. It seems like he has visited almost every sqaure foot of the coast of Somerset in person, and recorded every living thing (and even interviewed much of it!). 
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Wildlife of the Jurassic Coast

If you are visiting the southern coast of England, anywhere between Exmouth and Swanage, and you are vaguely interested in wildlife, you should get your hands on this book.
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