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Trench Wood Butterfly Reserve

Trench Wood is 42 hectares of ancient woodland with mature oak and ash trees. With rides and open areas it is one of the richest woodland sites for wildlife in the county. The reserve was clear-felled in the 1940s and replanted with species suitable for making paintbrush and broom handles, leaving the wood today with hazel, beech, silver birch, grey alder and sycamore.

Herb Paris, adder's-tongue fern, twayblade and large colonies of meadow saffron are found here, indicating its ancient woodland origins.

The rides are rich in nectar plants such as saw-wort and devil's-bit scabious. Glades are being created and rides widened to benefit the flora and fauna.

Two uncommon beetles have been recorded recently, one associated with the leaves of coppiced hazel, and one whose larvae live in wood ant nests.

Jointly managed by Butterfly Conservation and Worcester Wildlife Trust.




White Admiral
White-letter Hairstreak
Brown Hairstreak


The Festoon
Light Orange Underwing
Triple-spotted Pug
Lead-coloured Drab


Location: The reserve lies north of Sale Green village and four miles north-east of Worcester and has a car park.

Grid reference: SO 925 587


These maps are intended as a guideline only; you must check the exact location of the reserve yourself. Wildlife Extra assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or usefulness of the information on this website.


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