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Moray Firth Dolphin

One of our readers, Lawrie Webb, recently snapped this image of a Bottlenose dolphin on the Moray Firth. The dolphin has caught what appears to be a mackerel, and the image illustrates the moment, and the dolphins teeth, beautifully.
The photo was taken from the shore at Chanonry Point. Lawrie used a Nikon D300s camera, 600mm Nikon lens plus a Nikon 1.4 Teleconverter. 
Moray Firth dolphins
The dolphin population in the Moray Firth area is the most northerly resident Bottlenose dolphin's in the world with more than 130 animals currently recorded. These particular dolphins vary physically to their relations in warmer climates such as the Caribbean, Indian or Pacific oceans. They are a lot bigger and fatter (4m as opposed to 2.5m) due to the large percentage of blubber they have in their bodies to insulate them from the colder water temperatures of the North Sea.  

 How to see the Moray Firth dolphins

 Bottlenose dolphin on the Moray Firth - Photos by Lawrie webb