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Whale and dolphin watching, news and sightings.


Whale watching has grown from nothing to a multi million dollar industry over the last 25 years. Amazingly, Australia only banned whaling in 1979, and now is one of the most vociferous anti-whaling countries. Whale watching really started in the US, but is now a worldwide industry with nearly 100 countries encompassing all seven continents running some whale watch tourism. Ironically the three countries that still undertake whaling, Japan, Iceland and Norway all have burgeoning whale watching industries. The UK some has surprisingly good whale and dolphin watching, from orcas in the Shetlands, Minke whales off west coast and plenty of dolphins about, there are plenty of opportunities for whale watching around the UK.

Thankfully the whale watching industry has been a great driver in the protection of whales, and as the industry grows it can only be hoped that those countries who still do slaughter whales will see there is more value in live whales than dead ones.

New England whale watching and research

The other England - the US's New England - is also blessed with wonderful whales and dolphins to see, as Ben Mallion reports.

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whales/october_2009/ORCA_fin_whale_biscay Biscay ORCA Big Whale Watch 2008 clocks up 9 cetacean species
Biscay whale watch 2008.
In two days we had encountered 9 species of cetacean, including rare beaked whales, leaping Bottlenose Dolphins, large tuna, the second largest whale on earth, and ghostly white Risso's Dolphins.
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whales/Oman_humpback_breaching_F_Kennedy Whales and dolphins of Oman - Dolphins, Humpbacks and Blue whales!
Oman may not be well known as a whale and dolphin hotspot, but research by the Oman Whale and Dolphin Research Group (OWDRG) had turned up some surprising discoveries.
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whales/arnoux2[1] Four Arnoux’s Beaked Whales observed from Polarstern expedition
December 2006. Meike Scheidat & Linn Lehnert, the whale scientists on board of Polarstern, made a remarkable cetaceans sighting: Four Arnoux’s Beaked Whales (Berardius arnuxii), observed from the helicopter.
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whales/Blue_whale_-_sri_lanka Is southern Sri Lanka the world's top spot for seeing Blue and Sperm whales?

On twenty two whale watching sessions in the first twenty six days of April, Jetwing Lighthouse naturalist Anoma Alagiyawadu saw Blue whales every time.

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whales/belize-bottlenose Is Belize An Unrecognised Hot Spot For Whale Watching?

For many, Belize sounds like a far flung exotic destination, but few can put their finger on its exact location and think of a reason to spend a holiday there.

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