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Fiji: The Ultimate Paradise Destination to Volunteer

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Fine white sands and vivid blue seas set against a lush palm forest. Fiji is magical: A perfect vision of paradise!

In the heart of the Pacific Ocean between the Equator and New Zealand, Fiji remains unspoiled, beautiful and tranquil, with one thousand miles of palm-fringed, white sand beaches, stunning coral gardens, and sapphire lagoons. It is known to be a multi-racial, multi-cultural nation, and the islanders are vibrant, outgoing, and friendly, to match the vibrant scenery. 


The country comprises approximately 330 islands, of which about one-third are inhabited. The two main islands, which account for 87% of the total landmass, are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Other sizeable islands are Taveuni, Kadavu, Ovalau, Gau and Koro.

Gau is the 5th largest island in the Fijian archipelago and is the Island where Frontier is currently working. 

What can you do:

Marine Conservation & Diving 


The aim of the Project is to better understand the marine resources of the island of Beqa. To gather the data needed, volunteers will be diving to locate and map the extensive coral reefs and study the various communities living on them. From recording observations of the feeding habits and behaviour patterns of a range of marine life, to reporting the effects of Global Warming on marine communities, the type of field work available is so varied, but of course dependent on the time of year. Find out more here.



Fiji has impoverished rural populations who as yet have not been able to capitalise on the booming tourist trade in the country. Education is a crucial part of achieving sustainable development and volunteers can make a real difference. It can help them have a brighter future, and it is so rewarding! The work schedule covers a comprehensive, varied and enjoyable teaching programme allowing full engagement between teacher and pupil, with lots of opportunity to show creativity and initiative. Find out more here.



Volunteers work closely with local newspaper staff reporters and will be substantially involved in the intricate day to day running of a significant English newspaper in Suva, or for a group of six magazines (2 published) which specialise in sports, fashion, weddings and travel. It is the perfect opportunity to learn from people in the field as well as immersing yourself in the Fijian culture and way of life. Wherever your goals lie, whether purely in journalism or even editing, production or advertising, this assignment has something for you. Find out more here.

Sports Coaching


Fully integrated into the life of the local school, you will work with a range of ages, injecting much needed enthusiasm and creativity into the children's lives. Many sporting activities also go on after school which allows for more variety. Volunteers have had success in setting up new sports clubs, coaching opportunities and after school activities for students. Find out more here.



Fiji has a growing poverty situation and the effects of population movement have led to increased demand on the health sector to cater for the disabled. This is a fantastic opportunity for pre-med volunteers, individuals who are interested in forging a career within the healthcare sector, or anyone who has a particular interest in working with disabled adults and children. Volunteers will shadow and assist the healthcare and educational professionals who run the programmes for the disabled students aged from 4 through to adult. As a Fiji healthcare volunteer you will work to promote a positive lasting change in the health and lives of the people of Fiji in this dazzling and compelling destination. Find out more here.