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Wildlife, Conservation and Safaris in Africa


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There are a huge range of safari, travel and holiday operators that can organise your trip to Africa, we and don't pretend to know half of them. Some that we do know and are worth a look are Wildlife Worldwide, who specialise in in custom made specialist safaris, and Steppes Discovery, a pioneering Eco-tourism company who use the revenue from tourism to drive conservation.

Articles about African wildlife and conservation 

Saving the giant sable from extinction
John Frederick Walker, who wrote about the rediscovery of the giant sable in 2005, takes us inside an audacious expedition to breed the subspecies back from the brink.
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world/Africa/addax_search_scf Searching for addax in the desert in Niger in the dry season
8 AM and it's already 95°F. By midday it will be well over 110° and apart from the odd gazelle heading purposefully for shade, absolutely nothing else is moving.
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reviews/reviews_2010/madagascar_lemurs_2 Lemurs of Madagascar
Amazingly, when the first edition of this book was written, in 1994, only 50 species were known, but since then another 43 species and subspecies have been identified, and this book recognises a further 8 as a result of greater understanding of their systematics!

Anyone visiting Madagascar should take a copy of this book with them.

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reviews/reviews_2010/primates_west_africa Primates of West Africa

With just 60 species covered in more than 500 pages, this is just about the most comprehensive field guide I have ever seen! 

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reviews/reviews_2010/kenya_highlights Kenya Highlights - A guide to escorted tours in Kenya
There are dozens of guide books to Kenya, but this one has a different slant. Not so much a guide book to take with you (Take it anyway), but a guide for before you go.
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reviews/reviews_2010/uwe_photo Wildlife photography - Uwe Skrzypczak
Uwe spends a lot of time in East Africa, especially following the great migration, and a lot of this book is based around that extraordinary event. This is a very detailed book covering all aspects of DSLR photography.
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world/Africa/charcoal_kiln Congo’s wildlife rangers launch offensive against armed groups trafficking charcoal in gorilla zone of Virunga
The Congolese National Park Authorities have sent the biggest ever deployment of armed rangers to strike at charcoal-making operations run by armed groups deep in the forests of Virunga National Park in Eastern DR Congo.
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Rhino poaching- the poacher tells all.

The Van Deventer brothers were arrested in South Africa on charges of poaching rhinoceroses. Having entered into a plea bargain with the state, the brothers received reduced prison sentences. Shortly afterwards, they contacted investigative journalist and Africa Geographic columnist Ian Michler. They wanted to tell their story.

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safaris/hyena_and_pups_PG In praise of the much maligned hyena – Needs a PR makeover

The hyena gets a bad press. Dan Beaton sings its praises.

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Botswana safaris
Botswana contains some of the world's last remaining wilderness and quite fantastic wildlife - But what is the best way to see it?
world/Botswana pe/khwai_camp_pe Botswana Safari - Self Drive or camping safari?

I have always wanted to try the self-drive but as a first time visitor to Botswana, and having read, foolishly, all the 'information' on the web about the dire state of every road, and how we would get lost regularly even with a GPS, and the danger from almost every animal that exists, we decided to opt for a week of guided camping, followed by a week of self-drive.

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reviews/reviews_2010/birds_of_ghana Birds of Ghana

Birds of Ghana

The one thing that always puzzled me about Ghana is that so few people visit. For the average traveller I would rate Ghana as one of the best places to visit in the world; for a birder it is an absolute must.

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reviews/reviews_2010/ethiopia_birding Where to watch birds in Ethiopia
I once took a trekking group to the Bale Mountains and the keen birders in the group had recorded some 350 species f bird after 1 week. We then had a week visiting other areas of Ethiopia, and I remember very clearly sitting outside our hotel in Lalibela (Home of the world famous rock hewn churches) as around 2 dozen Lammergeiers circled around our heads.
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features/Giraffem Safari with children
My kids were so excited about the thought of going on safari in Kenya, and we had a great time. A walking safari, 4 days on the Masai Mara seeing pretty much everything, the flamingos and rhinos at Nakuru, everything you want to see. And the abiding memories? Hiding under the seats of the open top landrover while watching lions hunting, (as all they have learned from years as armchair viewers is that lions will eat you.) and the hotel with a swim up bar and free coke!
Top African Safari Destinations (in no particular order)
Shearwater Adventures, a tour operator from Zimbabwe, is under fire for capturing wild elephants for use on elephant back safaris. However Shearwater strongly defend their position by pointing out that the drought in Zimbabwe is devastating the elephant herds.
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