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Conservation volunteering

Top tips for wildlife volunteering

1. Reputation, reputation, reputation: 
2. Qualified staff: 
3. Where does your money go: 
4. Proper follow-through: 
5. What will you get out of it:
6. Community involvement and benefit: 
7. Your fellow participants: 
8. In the field: 
9. Captive animals: 
10. Handling animals:

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Do you want to sit back, or get your hands dirty and help out? There are many opportunities to help wildlife across the UK and worldwide. Volunteering covers a wide range of activities and costs; You have the choice of helping build stone walls, clearing undergrowth, counting migrating birds, tracking rhino, dolphin spotting, teaching children about the environment and anyone of dozens and dozens of different activities

Where - Almost anywhere, UK and worldwide. 

Cost - Most, though not all, of these activities will have a cost involved.  It is important that you make sure you know what the costs are, and what is included or not in these costs. You may just be charged for accommodation, or there may be larger costs for transport, insurance etc. Remember that in many cases your donation will be for more than just your costs, but will also be used to support the cost of the project that you are joining.

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Wildlife & Conservation Volunteering

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But how do you chose which project to go for? Or, even more importantly, how do you know that the 'elephant faeces sampling' in Sri Lanka or the 'snake weighing project' in Guyana are bona fide, well run, worthwhile and safe pastimes for young Johnty & Jemima to undertake?

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Help the environment and volunteer with the RSPB

The UK's largest conservation charity currently has over 12,200 volunteers offering their time to help protect birds and other wildlife and the places they live. There are hundreds of opportunities for people with a little time.



Have you ever considered giving up some of your time to volunteer? Do you love nature and want to help protect it? Then why not consider spending some of your free time volunteering with the RSPB.More details »

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