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Wildlife of Europe


Europe has a surprisingly diverse range of wildlife watching possibilities. The Lynx, though very rare, can be found in the forests of northern Scandinavia and the coastal wetlands of southern Spain and many places in between. Bears are still be found across most of Europe; Wild boar, deer, moose, otters, beavers, Mountain goats, Pine martens, polecats, wolverines and even bison can all still be found.

Whale and dolphin watching in Europe
Whales can be seen on the Atlantic coasts of Europe and in parts of the Mediterranean, especially in the summer. Minke whales are most common, but Humpback, Sperm, Fin and even Beluga whales can all be seen.

Orca (Killer whales), Bottlenose, Common, Risso's and Striped dolphins can all be seen, as well as Basking sharks and a variety of seals. It is even possible to swim with Orca in Norway, click here to read how.

Top European Wildlife countries

Birdwatching in Europe
Europe has a huge range of habitats, from tundra and taiga to bogs, moorland, forests, mountain ranges, coastal cliffs, wetlands and semi arid deserts. This diverstiy provides suitable habitat for a huge range of birdlife, and nearly 80 different 'families' of birds are to be found in Europe, about half of the worlds total. Approximately 550 species of bird are regularly found in Europe, not counting rare migrants and accidentals.

Wildlife of Spain

world/lynx-iberian5 Put a Cork in it for Lynxes
The Iberian lynx is a great example of how the smallest change can make a big difference to wildlife. With just 150 believed to be left in the wild, efforts to save the species are critical, and supporting charities are urging people to buy cork-stoppered bottles.
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