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Planning a Birdwatching & Wildlife tour in Sri Lanka is easy with Walk With Jith

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If you are looking for an expertly organised birdwatching and wildlife tour in the paradise island of Sri Lanka, look no further. You have found us! We have organised tours for more than a decade to top birding and wildlife spots, as well as to secret locations off the beaten track. Sinharaja and Kitulgala rainforests, Horton Plains National Park, Kandy Botanical Gardens, Udawatta Kele Sanctuary, Sigiriya Forest Reserve are amazing places to spot the 33 endemic birds and other wildlife. Yala, Wilpattu, Minneriya, Udawalawa, Bundala are the national parks for your dream safari. Let us do the planning, and you enjoy the tour.


We are recognised as a Bird Friendly Facilitator for more than a decade by the top birding organisation, the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka. In our tour reviews we have been highly commended for expertly planning and smooth execution of tours. And since 2006, on ResponsibleTravel.com we have 4.5 to 5 star ratings. For the last 10 years Walk With Jith have been present at the British Bird Watching Fair. Being a local company in Sri Lanka, we operate with trusted banking facilities of NatWest in the UK.


Here's how we work: 

You simply send us an enquiry with tentative tour dates and what you like to do.

You can provide as much detail as possible about your intended trip, but don't worry about this in your first email as we will ask the questions and will listen carefully to you before we start working on a suggested itinerary, to make sure we understand your exact requirements. Then we prepare a detailed, custom proposal; an itinerary tailor-made to your interests, budget and time. This costs nothing and there is no obligation to book with us, so don't hesitate - enquire now and find out why we are so highly rated by everyone who books with us! 

Birdwatching and wildlife with local experts 

Serendip Scops Owl

Serendip Scops Owl

Our bird watching holiday tour for bird lovers, is mainly focused on all 33 endemic birds and more than 200 other bird fauna of Sri Lanka, where over 400 bird species have been spotted. Because of this rich bird fauna many passionate bird lovers rank Sri Lanka among their favourite destinations. Between October and April, many migrants visit the isle, travelling from as far away as Siberia. Another noteworthy feature of Sri Lanka's avifauna is the presence of mixed-species flocks, which makes watching birds both easy and interesting, since one can study carefully the interactions between different species.

Our tour organiser Jith has been involved in the longest study of mixed-species flocks and is also a co-composer of the Sounds of Sinharaja audio CD. Our guiding team is licenced and experienced team of highly informative, expert birding and wildlife guides in Sri Lanka.

In the last decade our friendship network with local people in wildlife and birding sites have grown fast. One reason is that we always get the help of this local knowledge to find rare birds and we make sure that the locals benefit from your tours. This manifests our sustainable and responsible tourism ideas. 

Best for Safaris

When it comes to Safari, Sri Lanka's Big Five are the Elephant, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Blue and Sperm Whale. Big Game safari animals, species densities and tourism infrastructure has undoubtedly marked Sri Lanka a top Safari experience is Asia. Our favourite whale and dolphin watching location is Mirissa in the South coast, while over 300 elephants may gather on a seasonally drying lake bed in Minneriya. Yala and Wilpattu National Parks are also places to see elephants and Udawalawe National Park is best for watching wild elephants in close range. When it comes to Leopards, there is no other place like Yala to see and photograph them. The pristine Sinharaja rainforest offers the longest viewing of bird waves and should not be missed by any birder. Put the burden of planning your dream Safari on us. Our experience in planning hassle-free, safe safaris in all these locations, span more than a decade.


A Leopard Hunting A Wild Boar - Yala National Park, Sri Lanka - A WalkWithJith tour Photo by Jane Dixon.

A Leopard Hunting A Wild Boar - Yala National Park, Sri Lanka - A WalkWithJith tour Photo by Jane Dixon.



Also interested in bird and wildlife photography?


If you are one of those wild lifers whose focus is more on photography, we are experienced, and experts in facilitating this. Photographic tours are focused on the photographer whose primary interest is to photograph top wildlife, nature and also cultural locations in Sri Lanka. You need to get optimal time for photography at the main attraction of sites and we will take you to non-touristic wildlife locations, for a really local perspective with rare photo opportunities to grasp.


A bird, wildlife and nature photography tour may look like a wildlife or birding tour. But the emphasis is on photography opportunities rather than species count, while still endeavouring to seek a large spectrum of birds and other animals. It's up to you to make the balance.


Stork billed Kingfisher was taken during a bird watching photography tour  in Sri Lanka by Walk With Jith, at Bundala National Park

Stork billed Kingfisher was taken during a bird watching photography tour in Sri Lanka by Walk With Jith, at Bundala National Park


How about a non-birding partners and cultural attractions and leisure?


Many birders and wildlife lovers would travel with their non-birding partners; wife, children and friends and we specifically cater to their needs.


It is possible to modify any wildlife tour to incorporate world heritage, archaeological and cultural sites. Such tours are in comfortable accommodation with delicious Sri Lankan cuisine. May be, to make it more exiting to your partners you can add Whale, Dolphin watching and night marine turtle watching with the option of relaxing on a tropical beach in the south coast, at the end of the tour.


Here is what John Diley from York said about the tour with his wife:


“The main reasons we, as a birder with non-birder partner, chose a holiday in Sri Lanka were obviously for me, is for all the birds but within a small, easily manageable island landmass. A multitude of widely varying habitats within a relatively short distance of each other. The chance to go “deep” into the jungle in relative comfort (no need to be a Dr Livingstone). The history & culture was a huge bonus. It's as exotic to us as India, but there is no way that I could persuade Anne to go there. As for a fully guided holiday, it gives me the chance to “come close to danger” – for instance venomous snakes, leopards, wild elephants etc. – knowing that you are in “safe hands” with Walk With Jith. This is mainly why we chose Sri Lanka.”


Benefits of Booking through Walk With Jith

We know Sri Lanka

We live here and we know Sri Lanka well. We ourselves are passionate travellers who travell to all locations and accommodation places and keep up-to-date with news and reviews so that we can offer you our honest, informed and unbiased advice.

Catering exactly to your specific needs.

We do don’t organse fix date tours. We listen to and probe your very specific requirement and provide tailor-made tours.

Top Guides

Our tour guides are friendly, Sri Lankan, well experienced and has a very good knowledge of wildlife, birds of Sri Lanka, birding sites and National Parks, and also the needs of nature photographers. All our guides are licensed tour guides from the Tourist Board of Sri Lanka.

You save money

We maintain a highly efficient staff and we are a local company. We connect directly with our clients. No intermediate third parties. We have a fleet of vehicles. We get best rates from our hotels and lodges. All this reduces overheads and costs and you get the benefits and very reasonable prices from us.


We promote buying from manufacturers rather than big shops, village guide services, preferring non-commercialized destinations & etc. The benefit is for you.

Financial Safety

You can use our NatWest, UK bank account for all your payments. We also do have reputed Sri Lankan bank accounts. There are no hidden costs and no credit card surcharges.

Excellent reputation

High ratings on ResposibleTravel.com, Great trip reports on SriLankaBirdingTripReoprts.com and other sites, excellent comments on WalkWithJith.com guestbook—all talk loud about us. We are proud about being recognized as a Bird Friendly Facilitator by Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka.

Enjoy Seamless Arrangements and excellent care

Smoothly and hassle-free - like clockwork! We love to do things well with attention to detail. Be assured of great service and care from us and the hotels we recommend.

Economic responsibility

We ensure that the money you spend will directly and positively affect people at the village level. We seek to improve the lives of the people who affect & conserve habitats by buying products and services from them especially, guiding services.

Social responsibility

We make sure that the travellers also interact more with the locals, rather than with commercialized businesses. By doing so we hope that there is valuable knowledge sharing and inter-cultural linking, beneficial for both you and the locals.


 www.walkwithjith.com or email walkwithjith@hotmail.com
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